Bobby Chemmanur Unique Gold Rolls-Royce India Resort Taxi

A very Classy Gold Rolls-Royce “Taxi” was Spotted In India, and it Costs a whopping sum of ₦137,000 To Get A 300km Ride

A Gold Rolls-Royce Phantom VII Long Wheel Base (LWB) wrapped in gold and labelled as a “Taxi” worth ₦658 million has been spotted in Kerala, India, at the rate of ₦137,000 to get a 300km ride.

This special luxury Taxi car was ferried in in 2020 by the businessman owner of Oxygen Resorts in Kerala, Boby Chemmanur.

The Rolls-Royce is being used as the pick and drop service for people who stay at his resort for 2 days, all for just ₦137k, but will that be a Fair Price?

I would say the offer sounds very cheap as you will pay around Rs450,000 (₦2.5 million) to rent a regular Rolls-Royce for a day.

Bobby Chemmannur added that the offer may not bring him any profits, but, he wanted to do it because it is a unique idea.

This Car is a limited edition and one of biggest models and with many facilities. The original cost of the car is Rs120 million (₦658 million), an he got it for an auction at a slightly lesser cost.”

Bobby Gold Rolls-Royce Phantom VII Resort Taxi
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