365 Days: Telling the sterling achievements of Small Alhaji- Chris Ayebusiwa

Growing up, we learned the importance of the saying that ‘It’s not life that matters but the courage ones puts to it.’ We did memorise the rich maxim which was meant to motivate but would make no serious impact because one was too young to receive the full imports if the invaluable motivation. Later in life, the meaning of this saying returned to us with full weight
as adults.

We were told, also, that “Life is not a bed of roses.” We learned the line by heart but would not know its consequence early enough. Life, by itself exposes, trains and teaches through tests and vicissitudes while gradually nurturing the tough through its stages. And that’s how courage counts.

Mine is a generation that is generally believed to be poor. Not a few hold the belief that this generation is doomed to fail. And for the obvious reasons. Though we have often worry about this mindset, yet those who hold the viewpoint derive possible premises in the prevalent laziness and inaction of the youth, or the pervasive unintelligence that now has been identified with many.

Those with this impression have conveniently labelled the generation as hopeless and difficult to entrust with power and positions. The older generation would give it out as intellectually depleted and written off as lacking substance. Others call it a spontaneous generation that is vainly and irredeemably indulging self in profanity of thoughts, mental inanities and live carelessly on the plane of passing pleasures.

On the whole, the testimonial hurts, regretably, and leaves a pitiful portrayal. Though the summation appears ordinary and rendered the rating as a hurried opinion, more so that it attempts to write off the possibility of an exemption and reserves no real place for a genius. Not all of this stock is without worth after all. The number may be few but they are are some who still attract great attention to themselves on the strength of what they do.

There are few talents that exist in their various corners of the world and they are delivering great promises. They belong to the class who saw the worth of work ahead of their kind, who thrive on diligence and would labour while others loaf and revel indolently. A class of difference where success drives dealings, where penchant for quality thoughts takes supreme seat. Class who bear the torch, who dares to rekindle blinking corporate future and strives to retract a generation from collapse.

This is where guy Tajudeen Adeyemi Adefisoye, the one who answers the alias Small Alhaji, belongs. Small Alhaji is a Nigerian politician and business man who who is representing the people of Idanre /Ifedore Federal Constituency at the Federal House of Reprentatives. It is in the life of this burgeoning star that the imports and wisdom of putting courage to one’s life makes new meaning to me. Knowing that, truly, life is not a bed of roses, Tajudeen chose courage early enough and it is on the strength of cheer courage and hardwork that doors are opening for him.

The Ekiti State University trained holder of Degree in Business Administration has achieved so much for his constituency even within this short space of time. Adeyemi has given a great leap to his people in terms of infrastructural projects and empowerment for his people of Idanre/Ifefore Federal Constituency, dolling out what he termed ‘Start Up Capital’ for small scale businesses to start and thrive, and awarding scholarships to a good number of students at the various levels of education.

A genius he must be who is plays evident and critical roles in the emancipation of his people. Here is a man who rebuilt the palace of the mornach of Idanre to a standard of envy, built standard Police Station and renovated public schools within his constituency. Small Alhaji, whose main drive is seeing his people proper and happy, organised Summer Coaching for students in his constituency in no fewer than nineteen centres, and purchased motor cycles and cars for his constituents who are into the trade of commercial transportation.

Tajudeen did not just come to this height out of the blues. What he has become is the evident result of solid personal preparation. Not a product of common accidental acquisitions or such careless engagements, not any flimsy candidate of wishful calculations but one who began his race to stardom early enough. He is the Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of Vizline Investment Limited, a company dealing in Bottling Business, Exportation and General Contract.

Small Alhaji is long distance runner whose performance in his constituency has become a matter of referral, whose example of meteoric rising to influence is given out as a dipstick for contemporary success. That he successfully established a bottling company where he produce plastic bottles and a very big beverage company whose staff strength ranges around thirty. He continues to generate employment opportunities for his constituents here and there and his is not resting on his oars.

It is no surprise that he has so much of sterling achievements to address after only a year at it. Before his taking of a public position, his philanthropic performances and business dexterity has always stood him out as a man on the height of creativity, a star boy to watch out for on the themes of youth mentoring, good governance and capacity enhancement. As a distinguished example of difference of this generation, Small Alhaji has only carved a niche for himself as a young whose coming to the political fold has, in many ways, being a huge blessing to his constituents.

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