Between BRECAN and JAF-Dayo Williams

More than 48hrs since Jimmy Adekanle JAF made some weighty allegations against BRECAN, an NGO run by the First Lady of Ondo State, Mrs Betty Anyanwu-Akeredolu, the organization has not been able to make a water tight defence against the allegations.

While I have not read any statement regarding the issue directly from the founder, our First Lady, I have read like three miserable attempts at mitigating the allegations from quarters close to her.

The first was from the immediate past chairman of Okitipupa LGA, Mrs Alaka. Her position raised more doubts and questions than answers.

The second was an attempt to force the husband of the deceased to be protective of BRECAN. His position clearly negated that of Mrs Alaka. Double wahala for deadi body!

The third intervention was the one by a Dr Katung Aba, consultant with FMC Owo. I would not know in what capacity he wrote the statement but certainly NOT as an official of BRECAN, a structured NGO.

Dr Aba’s statement did not raise any solid defence for BRECAN. I rather find it curious how a consultant surgeon of many years will put up such a crap to counter the issues raised by JAF. His was appeal to sympathy.

Now the following basics have not been answered by BRECAN:

Did BRECAN receive donations from the public as alleged by JAF supposedly for the treatment of the woman which she declined?

If BRECAN did not receive any donation on behalf of the deceased for her treatment which she declined, let it come out and say clearly.

Per chance BRECAN received donations for the treatment of the woman, how much was the total money?

How much was spent for logistics(transport, evaluation/examination and other purchase of test materials)?

Was there any money given to the family of the deceased by BRECAN?

What’s left of the reminder from the donation?

It’s all about revenue and expenditure per the case we are dealing with for the purpose of accountability and transparency since public donations were ALLEGEDLY involved.

By the way, I assume BRECAN is a structured NGO with Head of Administration, Program Officer, Communication Director, Founder and CEO, among others.

When a controversial situation of this nature happens, any of the above officials should be the one to provide answers.

For now, we are yet to establish the truth. We don’t know who’s lying between JAF and BRECAN.

BRECAN still has the floor to defend itself.

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