Ige as Acting Vice Chancellor: Governor Akeredolu saved the day

Since the government of Ondo State, on the 26th November, 2019, discontinued the process of appointing the supposed sixth substanstive Vice Chancellor of Adekunle Ajasin University, Akungba Akoko as a result of the reciept of complaints of irregularities, it became infeasible to complete a repeat of the process before the tenure of Professor Igbekele Amos Ajibefun ends in January 5th, 2020. So, the need to appoint an acting vice chancellor became so crucial to avoid a vaccum.
From that point, scramble for the Acting vice chancellorship became fiery. The politics around the university top job became ferocious. It was so hot one could even measure the mood of suspense in the university from the way the trees grudgingly obeyed the wind. The chess went on outside the campus, and a feverish debate on the points of potentials and propriety of candidates persisted within.
It is normal. That is why the university is a den of hot heads and not numskulls. It is even not unexpected for Adekunle Ajasin University which is a peculiar breeding feild for intellectual radicals and firebrand scholars. The game continued and the search light shone in its fulll sheen while the debate within was not tepid. Whether the strenghts and weaknesses of the aspirants, as heatedly debated within, filtered into the ears of the visitor or not will not be important again. A choice has already been made. 
Professor Ebenezer Olugbenga Ige, a polymath professor of Palynology and Palaeoecology, has been announced as the Acting Vice Chancellor of the biggest of the three universities owned by the government of Ondo State and the reigning Best State University in the country (2019 Webomentric ranking).
It is true that Ige was not the only name on the the list of government before the final choice was taken and pronounced. Also, It is not true that the guys who were not so lucky were inferior in anyway. But it is only normal that the job of leading is meant for one man at a time. Others who were not taken, in their own rights, are sturdy intellectuals with lustrous marks of competence.
Yet the man Ebenezer Olugbenga Ige, opinions agree, is eminently qualified for his new preferment. He has the right preparations for the office, having carefully travelled the rungs as an astute academic and traversed the academic climate like a collossus. Ige, a former chairperson of ASUU-AAUA with indelible achievements remain a distinguished unionist whose reputation as a goal getter has since not left him many years after leaving the stage.
While one may not be accurate as to the yardsticks employed to produce the man who was eventually preffered, certain traits stand Ige out as the ideal man for this time. Such traits as his shrewdness, his calmness, his affability and capability. Truly, Ige stands tall. His tallness goes beyond his princely physique. He is also tall in intellect, capacity and competency. Ige commands the respect across-the-board. He’s very well versed in university governance. He is also very well loved by a preponderance.
The governor and visitor to the AAUA, Arakunrin Oluwarotimi Akeredolu, may have merely experimented this option, expectedly. But the applaud that has greeted the appointment, both within and outside the university, is overwhelming, an early pointer to the propriety and acceptability of the choice the governor made.
Since providence has pushed the university to this interregnum, this interlude must be guarded by a man who is credible and calpable, who is well schooled in the art of university administration. This moment needs a man with unusual intellectual base and the capacity to carry all sides along in the interest of the high flying university that must sustain its flight. And with Professor Ige as captain, the university is in safe hands

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