ECOWAS Court of Justice says it will initiate new policies in a bid to improve the judicial mandate.

The President  of the regional court, Justice Edward Asante said this at the opening of the 12th Administration and Budget retreat of the court in Goshen City in Karu local government in Nasarawa State.

Justice Asante said the retreat aimed at preparing the community court’s budget for the new legal year which commences in September.

Review of process
He explained that the retreat would review the court’s entire administrative process in the outgoing legal year and initiate new policies for the court in the new legal year.

“We had the Judges Retreat which was then followed by the judicial retreat and we are now going to end our activities of the judicial year with the administration and budget retreat…The ceremony is mainly around two major aspects; the first aspect is to carry out a review of last year, so we are going to review everything, the administrative statements, finance statements, registry statements, and statements of research department,”Justice Asante said.

He said; ”When all this review has been done, the next stage will be to carry out drafts and projects for the coming year particularly to have the draft budget for the oncoming judicial year…So I want to confirm that money is very important, you need to have means to carry out your policies.

“We all know that however important our decisions may be here, if we do not have the necessary finance to be able to carry them out, these decisions will remain just decisions.”

“So that is why am urging you to participate actively in the discussions by proposing good ideas that would help us to achieve decisions that we will take here.”

Justice Asante was represented at the event by the Vice President of the Court, Justice Gberi-be Quattara.

The Director of Administration and Finance of the regional Court, Dr. William Towah said the retreat aimed at reflecting on court’s current budget executed so far and also plan and draft a new budget for the court.

According to Dr. Towah, ”status updates of the 2019 budget implementation covering programs delivery and related administrative would be provided.

“The 2020 Draft Budget will be presented to afford you all the opportunity to make inputs and subsequent endorsement.”

The Budget retreat is a time when all the staff of the court come together to reflect on the current budget execution as at it relates to programme and drafting of the New Year budget.

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