Breaking News:Ekiti State Governor, Dr. Fayose slapped a Professor during a Reconciliation Meeting with ASUU EKSU Chapter.


The Executive Governor of Ekiti State , Dr. Ayodele Fayose today slapped Ekiti State University Professor, Prof. Aribisala from Faculty of Engineering….

Governor Fayose was said to have slapped the Professor as a result of rudeness, according to Dr. Babatope who was at the meeting said the Governor was annoyed that his Senior Colleague interrupted while he (Fayose)was talking.

The Professor who hailed from Ayedun Ekiti while addressing press said he was not sad, it’s highly disheartening that Governor Fayose can act such manner in a very peaceful ongoing meeting of intellects

Professor Aribisala said he has not for once interrupted the Governor in any meeting despite attending so many meetings with him before now, he said he was just trying to call his attention to some errors in the mentioning of figures of amounts owned by the State Government..

He said Fayose threat to sack him didn’t move him as his days are numbered in his office and the Election coming soon will determine the fate whether Fayose’s dream will come to past or not..

He concluded that the disrespectful manners of Fayose is becoming unbearable to lecturers in Ekiti State University because the first time we had meeting with him he scooted on us and again he exchange physical combat with him..

The ASUU chairman who also spoke to the press men said the action of the Governor is barbaric and unfair, though Prof Aribisala was not supposed to have interrupted the Governor while talking but Governor Fayose shouldn’t revert by laying slap on a professor who can even give birth to him (Fayose)

He said soon or later they’ll deliberate on the issue in an inner meeting and take the necessary steps.. A slap on one is a slap to all he concluded..

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