You, yes you have been worshipping Mammon…and you know! Yes you know!

“Okay how?bro how?” asked my lord Bishop.

Thank you sir. But sir…should I talk?

“Go on bro”  said my lord, now not too comfortable in his regalia and paraphernalia of office.

“Okay on your order sir, I speak on. You said you are following Jesus sir?”

“Yes, shouldn’t I follow him?”

“No my lord, you’re not. Did Jesus own a house? You own mansions. Your members steal the money meant to built our future and bring it to you, you bless it. You use it to built schools affordable only to the select members of the society, Your members children cannot afford the schools!”

“To make the matter worse my lord, the graduates of your schools are skilled but they don’t have anywhere to apply their skills! Their future have been vandalised and given to you as ‘tithes’.

Conversely, the people you accused of not ‘born again’, established schools in those days, and the employers would have hired their students prior to graduation.

Aside my lord, when the Bible mentioned tithe was it mammon? Okay, didn’t the Bible prescribed how the tithe would be apportioned? Are you apportioning it that way?

My lord, you have fleet of jets, Jesus didn’t own any ‘automobile’ so to say. When He needed one He simply call it forth!

When He got to the temple He dislodged all activities of mammon. He didn’t have this kinda cash you stockpile here, my lord Bishop, yet he fed 12,000 men with some loaves and a few fishes! My lord sir how many people are you feeding?

My lord sir,you pay your pastors 25,000 per month, How much is that in dollars? My lord sir, for what?
Can that fuel his car?

When Jesus needed to send Mammon on errand He simply called him forth…”

My lord interjected…”Children of nowadays, no respect for “the anointing chai”…Bishop becoming furious.

I continued “My lord…I mean it. I put it to you sir you have been worshipping a messenger! You are sacrificing the end, accumulating the means! Mammon is just a mean to an end”

“Call the security this boy is becoming unruly…” my lord yelled, fuming.

Meanwhile, Mammon was there teaching him how to make more by selling more books. I sighted him.

“Hey you Mammon!” I commanded

Mammon stood and ready to take my orders.

“Listen, anytime I call you, you show up because I will need you. Did I make myself clear?”

“Yes sir”. Mammon saluted.

“Oga Mammon you dey answer this small boi?” My lord wondered…

“Yes”replied Mammon “him senior me. Him be son of the Most High…”

“In closing , I PUT it to you; Mammon’s servant(my lord) suppose I am the plaintiff now…those are your offences”

Call in your defence team…

A perpetual injunction was granted in my favour by The Almighty restraining my lord and Mammon from working against me by any means whatsoever, but for me…

So Mammon and my lord now answer to me…

Case Closed!


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