‘I resigned. And I told him: you’re wicked. Hell, how can Òmíràn be comfortable owing workers 7 months’ salary as a governor! I cannot longer work with him”

Hon F G Ijalana stormed into the club house, pulling off his jacket. He took his favourite seat, ordering for his drinks synchronously. He has been our mentor, and a childhood friend of Governor Òmíràn. His 26-years’ sojourn in the States had earned him a different way of thinking, acting and dressing.

He wouldn’t tow the path of shame, he had just done the honorable thing:he resigned from the cabinet of his childhood friend. We got to know later that Dr Omiran called him back and the situation got managed.

His Excellency was magnanimous enough to accept the constructive criticism of his friend. The salary backlogs were gradually cleared.

When the salaries gradually got flushed into the state’s commerce, it got rejigged.

Note that the chain reaction was triggered by a constructive criticism from just one friend of the Governor. One person!One true friend of the Governor. They have stayed true to each other over the years. And the criticism was purely apolitical.

Not many people would  summon suh a huge courage to criticize their friends in high places constructively: with fervor,  without fear.

This happened in Owena State in the Banga Republic, it is supposed to be a true life story.

Talking of salaries, the labourer deserves his wage. Whereas I would not dwell much on the inefficiency of the service, but ordinarily if wage bill is 4Billion Unit of Currency for instance , we expect the gross value addition not to be less than that magnitude over the period under review. Value additions should be measured in terms of certain units we we would have predetermined. Otherwise,we will be running an inefficient system, that would not be sustainable. I termed(note my tense) the service a subtle charity system. But somehow, I have been unfair because it is the political class​ that planted tares of inefficiencies into the service, over time. The political class didn’t create jobs over time, they were just employing personels to suit their political ego. Job creating is about instituting  economically viable ventures that will attract round pegs into round wholes.

My sincere apologies to the service.

Back to the main track, what are we NOT saying, that we should be saying?  People aspired for political leadership with ulterior motives. One of which is to access our commonwealth for personal use.

We award contracts not for quality jobs, but for quality sums as kick backs!

We were told a former military leader lives in a 50 bedroom mansion, and I was wondering how does he manage to sleep in all the rooms? As he gradually ages and visits doctors abroad  more often than pasts he spends less and less time there in one of the rooms. The mansion was allegedly built for him by a contract company…allegedly.

I think one room is enough for one person to sleep per night! I have not heard of anyone who sleeps in two rooms simultaneously. Then we argue:what are the purposes of these ‘other rooms’ when no ones are sleeping there? We might need to examine their method of reasoning whollistically.

So they kept building more of the these other rooms and we kept dying in foreign hospitals…The same set of people! Same curse? Yes they stole the monies meant for building good hospitals and squandered them on vanities. Same cult of cursed wasters!

They would tell you, I built a world class hospital and at a slight pain in their legs , they jet out to foreign lands for analgesics. Oxymoron!

As leaders, we need to bear new kind of fruits. Leadership books: I still want to read a lot of them. I have read some. Change works on the same principle and leadership requires a LOT of sacrifice, including our egos! I have read 48Laws of Power and believe me honestly, it can only be applied in the mafia world! Not anywhere, where we anticipate growth and development.We know in part, we prophesy in part…

‘And God said:see, I have given you every plant producing seed, on the face of all the earth, and every tree which has FRUIT producing SEED: they will be for your food…(Gen1:29 The Holy Bible).

God, the Ultimate leader ordained the fruits for our sustenance, and seeds therein to be nurtured for sustainability! In the In the fruits of today lie the seeds of tomorrow’ssustainability.

If there are no seeds nurtured, there are no means for tomorrow’s sustainability, period.

Leaders must be careful about how we do things and nurture seeds of sustainability. Groomings must be deliberate! Destinies must be preserved! The incoming generation are watching us, if they take after us, would it be pleasant? If not we need to amend our ways. Quickly!

We are here, perhaps tares have supplanted nascent trees, perhaps sustainability seeds were eaten up by rodents, parasites,or retroviruses…or we sowed on wrong soil, perhaps. Or we ate the seeds with the fruits!

We lost the humilities of our heroes past.

For instance, as a leader you have 100 LED TVs in a mansion and yet no one watches them. Ironically, some folks went there and harvest them for sale and they were dismissed from service. What an irony!

We need a new crop of leaders, or we would rather have the putative ones reason with us, because in the fruits of these generation lies the ‘seeds’ of tomorrow’s sustainability.

Growing up in the hands of those who nutured us, we don’t get to hear of African Technology. We only hear of African Culture. Where is African Technology? In countries where there are developments,  there are no substitute for research, continuous improvements and growth.

African Technology must be carved out and and be given the breath of life, now! We must hit the ground running,  with ground breaking discoveries. Or else there would be no ‘true growth’.

Yes ‘true growth’. For instance fossil fuel is no more featuring in the future energy needs. Technologies get obsolete quickly nowadays. We that are from ‘oil producing areas’ should take note(smiles). In ten year’s time, you will see a lot of electric powered motor vehicles. Oh Jah…yes, when will ‘The New Refinery’ we are building start operating? There shall be no losses for there shall be other petroleum by-products apart from premium motor spirit.

BUT something must awaken the birth African Technology! Let’s activate the genius in Africa!

Sustainable developments require rigidity of focus. Methods can be many, but we must not be distracted. Sustainability all over the world has the same principle. It’s about trees planting, Irrespective of whether one will eat the fruits or not. If not, our children would have to eat foreign fruits, and beg for helps!

20years after, the AfroBeat Legend Fela has not been forgotten. A lot of his songs are going to be with us for a longtime. He knew those methods were not going to work. Stealing from our country to build other people’s countries would not be sustainable.

Fela was born with a silver spoon, he could have just enjoyed life and go without worrying about the future. He worried. Today his fears are coming to pass. His legacies are there, and laudable still.

Some other lucky folks attended elementary school without shoes. They became our leaders and we couldn’t count much of  their enviable legacies. They won’t teach us how to fish, they want to continue to give us fishes. They oppress us with the money they stole from us and we are lauding their grandiose!

That is not right. It is not right to keep quiet when our friends are going the wrong way. When they get to the villa it is another spirit, they get distracted easily. We have the responsibility to keep them on their toes, otherwise they will rock the both.

Conversely, Africa must hit the laboratories now. We must borrow leaves from the Asians.  We must surmont eurocentrism. Our brains are not dead, we were just programmed to loose confidence in ourselves. We must overcome that. We have all it takes to lead the world. Let us launch out!

It’s not about where you are coming from, it’s about what is driving us, and what we are driving at.

Entropy increases, naturally. Leaders must arise to put things into order.


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