One is compelled to write in time like this: especially now that governance demands creativity much more than ever before…

For instance, my state where I come from, we have long coastline, bitumen, oil, massive arable land, silica for glass making,ceramics, large deposits of igneous rock, oil palm cocoa, human capitals and so on… yet there are no roads, no jobs, no electricity, no industries, no salaries…

We can’t extract our oil and bitumen, we can’t break the rocks to build our roads except federal government grants us the license.

We are owing backlogs of salaries to workers we didn’t engage in very profitable ventures.

So we asked:is it the the workers fault?NO!

It is the political class that refused to create wealth-creating engagements for them…

This country have evolved dangerously.. And we need to halt the trend. We need to turn 180°!

Our value systems have been eroded. We have no iota of trust in the political leaders. This is a dangerous trend.

We need leaders who can create THINGS out of NOTHING. As in the case of Lagos, we need leaders who can steer their states out of poverty, and pay salaries without waiting for monthly paltry from Abuja.

The 36 states governors need to put on their thinking caps and engage the citizenry. There should be ways of engaging these youths.

In my own opinion this country is a land flowing with milk and honey. With selfless and visionary leaderships, we can pull our resources together and manoeuver our ways out of the this quagmire.

These challenges built up over the years, and it may take years to get out of it. Some schools of thoughts are of the opinions that we may never get out of this, because we have “evolved dangerously”.

There is no sense of patriotism at all levels. Every imbroglio observed at the various arms of governance boils down to money. “Operations steal as much as you can”. As if the purpose of elections are to usher in a new set of thieves!

We can keep deceiving ourselves, and thus, we will be here for a longer period of time time, wallowing in economic underdevelopment.

In my own opinion that economy is the major issue to tackle in the modern governance.


We have in the financial age. In other words, once we have good cash flows, a lot of things will fall into place. So governments at all levels must implement strategies to ensure unhindered availability of cash to meet up with their obligations as at when due.

Indebtedness is a not the issue. What is the purpose of these borrowings? Good debt of good is borrowing to finance assets that can generate enough cashflow to cover the interest and the repayments.

Borrowing to finance liability is a bad borrowing

Now on the extreme case is borrowing to “steal.” That is criminal borrowing. It is borrowing against the future cash flow of the state for personal use…

In sum, tackling the economy would reduce the pressures on the government. It should be our priority now. The political class must do all they can to reduce the cost of governance, for instance.

We can harness our resources and live the good lives we deserve

For instance we may need to engage and attract investors. We should encourage capitalism at all levels. Entrepreneurial mindsets at all levels will ease the burden of employment generation on the government.

We need to transform the civil service to an efficient and effective service. All taxables must be taxed.

There must be reliable statistics.

The central government must not pretend to be infallible,because as it is now, it is obvious they are struggling to meet up with their obligations. They are carrying too much burden, and growth is drastically slowed down.

So there is an urgent need to devolve economic powers. We need to break governance to smaller efficient units that can be improved upon constantly. To think democracy is the best form of governance is a fallacy, especially at the developmental stage we are in. For instance an average electorate still think the only thing the politicians are owing them is to dole out money during elections.

The average electorate has not learnt how to hold the political class accountable. The political class doesn’t know it’s responsibility!

The new responsibilities includes planting trees of prosperity, and we must be deliberate about it. We must “invoke the doctrine of prosperity.”

We must truly educate our citizenry to create prosperity. And that is different from schooling. Citizens who can think and would not be waiting for government to help them add values to the society. Citizens with enterprising minds.

There is no where in the world where government employs everyone. They only create the infrastructural architecture and regulate entrepreneurial activities.

In fact housing and real estate in now becoming non of government’s business, globally.

We kept crying about power outages. Power sector is now privatized. Sadly, the capacity for expansion is greatly hindered, even with substantial government subsidies. Why? The cash flow from power sales is grossly inadequate.

There has been power outage in my Senatorial District for 2years. And we have been on it, kudos to the political class and the activists. Suppose the giant industries in those axis are functioning and are commercially viable enough, the distribution company will keep the region connected, because they would both need each other. The workers in these companies would also be able to afford their power bills.

There is no huge complexity about that, service providers will make it available to those who effectively demand for it. So the real ailment is really our ailing economy!

Sometimes ago we overheard a senator saying that the federal government would be informed about something and we laughed. So the senator didn’t know he is part of the federal government!

It boils down to identifying our responsibilities properly:that we are not called for service to merely occupy space. We are not elected to feed fat on the meagre resources.

Our proper responsibility as politicians is the generate prosperity. Our responsibilities is primarily to invoke wealth and unveil the hidden riches of the land, for the economic advancement of the land…

Prof Yemi Osinbajo,Ag President.

In my own opinion, this land is flowing with milk and honey. We only need to restructure, dam the dangerous evolutionary trends and invoke the doctrine of prosperity.



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