Some Useful Tips For Ikorodu Residents and Visitors:

In light of the declaration of war against badoo cult group, with the innocent falling victim of jungle justice, extreme caution is necessary in order to prevent yourself or you’re loved ones from innocently falling victim of jungle justice.

1. Schedule your movement to/from Ikorodu to as close to daylight as possible. Don’t leave home too early in the morning and don’t arrive too late at night.

2. Always carry your identity card with you.

3. Always dress properly like a responsible person, not like a ruffian or a criminal. Have a proper gentleman haircut; avoid keeping dreadlocks.

4. Have definite and definable direction to your destination. Always inform your loved ones about your whereabouts.

5. When visiting someone, call the person beforehand. Get the proper direction to his address. If his address is not clear, have him wait for you at a definable bus stop our public landmark to take you home.

6. Do not pay someone a surprise, unannounced visit, especially at night. It could spell trouble if the person is not at home!

7. If accosted by security or vigilante group, stay calm. Identify yourself properly. State where you are going to chastely. Submit your self calmly and carefully to security search. Let them know that you don’t mind them following you to your destination of they doubt you. Don’t act arrogantly or rudely.

8. If driving, avoid offering strangers a lift. You can vouch for yourself, but can you vouch for the stranger that you carry?

9. Always avoid carrying incriminating objects unnecessarily, eg knife, oil, grinding stone, hammer, crowbar, cutlass, etc. These apparently ordinary objects in certain freak combinations could connote sinister meanings.

10. Warn your loved ones NEVER to visit you without prior notice. They must come during the day and never at night. If they will stay late during the visit, they must sleep over and leave in the morning.

Forward this post to your friends and families.

Dolapo Omoregie

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