This is 2017 and I stand to be corrected: it is not acceptable by all standards that some folks will just enter into some communities and ‘level’ them in the name of seeking redress.

And then they  go scot free…

I want to assume that they don’t believe the Nigerian system of justice adequately caters for them. Proper diagnosis of the issue might reveal this as a possible cause.

I learnt a little psychology in school. My professor told me that people naturally do what is possible for them to do. Once people can embark on an act unhindered, they will do it again and again. For example some folks kidnapped an elder statesman in my state, I still doubt if they can kidnap General Matthew Okikiola O O(rtd, GCFR).Why is the probability almost zero? It is a very difficult and unsafe task!

I opine categorically that these folk that kill,rape and maim do what they do because there are no deterrents.

We are all guilty (as it seem to me), because we aren’t doing anything about this misnomer. At the risk of sounding too critical, I believe this matter has not been given the attention it deserved over the years. I apologize but that is the way I see it…

As at this moment(I stand to be corrected) there is no clear cut legislative framework that factors in both parties and protects them.

So, I write to point the attention of our authorities to the need to take proactive steps and put preventive measures in place, as well as deterrents.

Come to think of it both the herdsmen and the plantsmen are farmers and they are working towards the same goal; to eke out their livelihoods, nurturing fellow Nigerian.

I write not because I like to make noise(lol), I write because I know we can live in LOVE as Nigerians, with equal opportunities and rights. I write because I know that this recurring menace is soluble if we can face it. Not every issue faced can be resolved, but no issue get resolved without being faced.

I write because I pledged to Nigeria my country to defend Her unity and uphold Her honour and glory.

Now that we are taking a serious look at Agriculture, it is high time we put the necessary machineries in place. We may need to explore a lot of options adopt the most effective and efficient alternative(s).

Our focus might need to be rigid and our methods fluid…And now is the accepted time, today is the day of salvation…As it seems to me, it is an emergency situation.

May God grant us the courage and the political will to act on this effectively and timely.

Thank you for reading through.


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